ARATH "Ungedul" oos45

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We are extremely proud and honored to bring you this deluxe edition of ARATH "Ungedul".
This old school black metal adventure is the second part of a trilogy - the story of Arath! In this part of the journey ARATH encounters the deepest depths of his soul and has to master the dark challenges...

"Rather than trying to 'improve' upon the greats of the 2nd wave, Arath simply returns to that era and harnesses all of it's glory. Faithful and well-executed!" - Dan Capp

"This band just blew my mind with their dungeon synth album and now they do a great black metal masterpiece, one of the greatest black metal atmosphere I ever heard!" - Thomas Hornstein


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Pressing Information

Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.
Professionally duplicated and imprinted tape with pro-printed cover.
Includes high quality 2" metal black/silver hard enamel pin, also limited to 100 pieces.
Comes with bandcamp download code!