SEQUESTERED KEEP "Wandering Far" oos43

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Update 11/16/17 - found a few leftover copies from a cancelled trade.
Update 11/20/17 - now totally sold out.
"Despite Sequestered Keep releasing 7 records in 2016, the excitement for this artist never seems to dissipate. It is not hard to see why as Wandering Far not only continues the dreamy landscapes created by this artist but also introduces a new visual element of colors in the album cover. If 2017 is the year for pastoral greens, I could not see it getting any better than this moment. There have been many good releases this year and a new Sequestered Keep is a perfect choice for the start of Spring." - Dungeon Synth Digest

Contains the 3 song "Virgin Forest" EP as bonus tracks.


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Pressing Information

Limited to 100 copies.
Professionally duplicated and imprinted tape with pro-printed double-sided 3-panel full color j-card.
Each copy is packaged with a full color 1" SK logo button and is shrinkwrapped.