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SVAROGRAD "Zima Ponad Krajem" Distributed Titles


The quest begins in the lizardmen swamps.Those creatures are wild and aggressive barbarian tribes, hostile to humans and other races. They praise the cursed gods. In the past humans as well praised those blood-thirsty demons, but now the cult is forbidden in all human lands.

Then it goes through the ancient ruins in the middle of the swamps - there once, long ago lived a race that used magical technology.

Then album takes listener to the gates of the Svarograd - the great eastern city - capitol of Svargian Empire.

Later on there are dangerous woods, where live the werewolves. As hostile and dangerous as lizardmen, though more focused on defending the mother nature from humans. They lead constant war against the Svargian Empire.

The last point of the journey is the abandonned tower once inhabited by a powerful wizard - the last one who remembered the elder race. There our heroes dissappear in the mist.


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Pressing Information

Wulfrune Worxxx label. Import from France.