CATACOMBS ENSHADOWED & BASTARD SWORD "Blood Rites and Ancient Oaths" OoS Releases

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Rising from obscurity comes Bastard Sword in conspiracy with Catacombs Enshadowed with 'Blood Rites and Ancient Oaths'; forged in the fires of the past with strict adherence to the spirit of 90's black metal and dark dungeon music.
Bastard Sword performs Mournful Battle Synth which hearkens to the dark medieval ages, when blood and iron were law. Spawned in the pestilential crypts of decaying castles, Catacombs Enshadowed presents hymns of nocturnal wampyrism and dark devotion to the traditions of old.
Eight blades of darkness and wrath against all who defy the spirit of the old way.


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Pressing Information

Limited to 100 copies.
Professionally duplicated and imprinted black tape with silver ink with pro-cover. Each copy is shrinkwrapped.
All copies come with beautifully printed 11x17 (A3) poster of the cover art (ships folded).