FIEF "I+II" OoS Releases

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Finally back in print on the physical medium, this tape collects the first two sold-out demos from the prolific artist Fief, with new artwork and layout for this edition.
"Comforting and mature dungeon synth with a magical fantasy tone. Fief will transport you to a beautiful place." - Yawning Druid

There is a limit of 1 copy per person for this title - this tape is intended for fans, not Discogs flippers.


NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: You can add a 2nd or 3rd tape to your cart with no change in shipping costs!

Pressing Information

Repress edition limited to 50 copies.
Professionally duplicated and imprinted grey tape with pro-cover. Each copy is shrinkwrapped.
All copies ordered directly through OOS come with an exclusive 1" button, only available with this release.