BARAK TOR "Regal Hymns of Blood" OoS Releases


"Prepare your Axes & Swords ! The Barbarian Lord returns stronger than ever!" - Georgios Tsiotsialas

"Epic medieval fantasy with long song lengths and a powerful cinematic quality. Some surprising Arabian influences on "Thresholds of Ancient Sorcery" make it feel like the soundtrack to one of Conan's journeys south to the sand-blasted cities of Stygia and an encounter with Thoth-Amon. Beautiful recording." - Iron Skullet

"Triumph and Steel. Barak Tor managed to deliver another supreme album. Its nice to see that the production value is high as usual. The compositions this time are darker with strong and atmospheric elements balancing properly through the course of this magnificent album. Poledouris would be proud."

Pressing Information

Pro-Tape limited to 100 copies, shrinkwrapped.
Comes packaged with bandcamp download card and a half size art print numbered in gold ink /100.