FOGWEAVER "Labyrinthine" Tape/CD (lim.250) Out Now

FOGWEAVER "Labyrinthine" Tape/CD (lim.250) Out Now

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FOGWEAVER "Labyrinthine" Tape/CD (lim.250) releases Monday Sept 5 at 2pm EST. One of our favorite current artists, Fogweaver creates fantasy music centered on Earthsea and the works of Ursula K. LeGuin. Labyrinthine is their debut on Tape for us finally, along with the CD version to complement the previous editions we have released.

🗡️We are also having a labor day sale concurrently. There will be 20% off CDs, merch and vinyl (a few select titles excluded) plus 25% off ALL books 🗡️<> (ends at 2:00pm Tuesday). So if you have been eyeing anything for a while, now's the time to strike!

Cheers ⚔️

(This CD will Also be available from our EU store and tape from Forsaken Relics) . . .
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