Last 2 copies in stock...

Last 2 copies in stock...


Last 2 copies in stock and ready to ship now, the debut fantasy novel by J. Christopher Tarpey

The warrior-smith Rænon, after witnessing the return of Brakur the Insane God, has returned to his homeland in Aelbrond. Now he must seek the tomb of the dead god Farick for the remains he needs to pyre-forge The Godblade, the only sword that can kill Brakur and stand against the nefarious cult of Arhai. Will the armies sworn to the cult sweep through the lands of Arginor or can Rænon bring the forces of Aelbrond together to stop them? Will cold steel prevail over sorcery and the dark gods? Find out in The Godblade.

J. Christopher Tarpey is an author from Austin, TX where he works as a blacksmith and also provides vocals for the heavy metal group 'Eternal Champion'

Release date: October 2020, Trade paperback: 9” x 6”, 160 pages . . . #eternalchampion #jasontarpey #jchristophertarpey #thegodblade #paperback #fantasynovel #book #outofseason #outofseasonlabel #dmrbooks


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