GOBLINTROPP "Walking Among Unquiet Trees" Pro-Tape
GOBLINTROPP "Walking Among Unquiet Trees" Pro-Tape
Lighten Up Sounds

GOBLINTROPP "Walking Among Unquiet Trees" Pro-Tape

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Finally a physical form for the second album by this mystical solo project from Curwenius of Argentina. "Walking Among Unquiet Trees" delivers epic dark dungeon music in the classic tradition, an offering of bombastic fantasy ambient and grand shadowy synthesis to transport the listener back into an ancient age, traversing the edge of a dark, enchanted grove.

“Listen and you will hear the trees themselves speak.”
Features an exclusive extended mix of "Spectres That Lurk In the Thickets".

Lighten Up Sounds label.
Professionally duplicated to hi-bias Type II Chrome. Off-white shell c40 with green imprint comes packaged with full color double sided J-card featuring illustration by F. Whelk. Cassette is packaged in clear Norelco case, and sealed in A2 white vellum envelope with green logo wax emblem.

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