TAAKESLOTTET "Mot Det Kalde Nord" Pro-Tape
TAAKESLOTTET "Mot Det Kalde Nord" Pro-Tape
Lighten Up Sounds

TAAKESLOTTET "Mot Det Kalde Nord" Pro-Tape

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Grim ambience from the age of iron! Proud to support this brilliant debut album, paying sincere homage to the forgotten foundations of dark dungeon music. Taakeslottet is the mysterious solo project from Nihthelm of black metal project Landvaettr, presenting these new works dedicated to tradition, nostalgia, and the true Northern spirit. With "Mot det kalde nord" (Towards the cold North), the artist delivers powerful and commanding atmospheres, combining the essence of Norse myth with elements of natural serenity, and a sense of epic, fantastic adventure.

6 tracks of noble synthesis, a grand soundtrack for brave conquest.

Lighten Up Sounds label.
Professionally duplicated smoke shell Chrome Type-II cassette with metallic gold imprint comes packaged with double-sided cardstock J-card featuring artwork by master Theodor Kittelsen.

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