MALIST "Karst Relict" CD [inverted cross shaped digipak]
Northern Silence

MALIST "Karst Relict" CD [inverted cross shaped digipak]

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Import from Germany. Collector’s Edition in an incredible 10-panel inverted cross shaped Digipak! Limited to 500 copies. Atmospheric black metal from Russia.

"Karst Relict" completes the album trilogy of Karst Realm and the path of a nameless hero through its vast nether halls and mountain hollows. Slave to the will of the Tyrant King, the hero slowly comes to his senses as he attempts to uncover the truth to all the inhabitants of the kingdom, that there is a whole world outside the cave they have been living in; that the ruler of this realm is the source of their never-ending misery and grief. The King punishes his former servant with death, unwittingly summoning a violent cataclysm...

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