RENEGADE SWORDS Vol. 2 [Paperback book]
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RENEGADE SWORDS Vol. 2 [Paperback book]

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Once again DMR Books delves into the vaults of the past to unearth tales of swords, sorcery, and mighty heroes. In Renegade Swords II you will read about such adventures as the struggle of Rackhir the Red Archer to rescue Tanelorn, Fal the Reiver’s encounters with darksome spirits on Samhain night, the bloody life of Hialmar of the Æsir, and more. These eight stories (many of them rarely reprinted) will surely satisfy every aficionado of heroic fantasy fiction.

Stories included:
“The Roaming Forest” by Michael Moorcock
“To Rescue Tanelorn” by Michael Moorcock
“Marchers of Valhalla” by Robert E. Howard
“Killer” by David Drake and Karl Edward Wagner
“The Unlawful Hunter” by Keith Taylor
“The Haunting of Mara” by Keith Taylor
“The Pool of the Stone God” by A. Merritt
“Stoneskin” by John Morressy

Trade Paperback: 9” x 6”, 192 pages

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