XIRGAN / TILL "A Clash of Darkened Sorcery" vinyl LP (w/ insert)
His Wounds

XIRGAN / TILL "A Clash of Darkened Sorcery" vinyl LP (w/ insert)

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Import from Greece. Pressed on 140g vinyl housed in a 300gsm Single sleeve cover Reverse printed with Matte finish and 3mm spine. Includes a double-sided 12x12" insert printed on high quality Artika Paper. Black poly-lined inner sleeve and high quality protective sleeves.

The split between two fine representatives of the US lofi sect. Even if it is a split we could consider it as a record with Roanoke and Palisade switching roles, a proper “clash” darkened paths with a few local guests appearing to this feast such as Winterburial, Lungor and Peregrinus. Everywhere you look there is greatness, either the vocals with a vast selection to choose from, you get even a clean section at the second track’s end, the synth work, the magnificent guitar leads or also the drumming. There is nothing whatsoever to nit-pick. Howver this needs a few more volumes to see who wins this competition, for our pleasure as the dark one rejoices!

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