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DEEP GNOME "II" vinyl LP (2 color options, 180g)

DEEP GNOME "II" vinyl LP (2 color options, 180g)

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180g with double sided insert

A second, full compilation of all the recent DEEP GNOME stuff, foragest in the heart of woodlands of northern America. Deep Gnome brings a mezmerising blend of adventurous fantasy music, rooted in comfy and dungeon synth. This release starts with the 'Wanderlore' EP, goes into the 'A Good Day's Rest' EP, the exlcusie Phantom Lure release 'The Lady from New England' EP and tracks from the recent split releases with Springbier and Assorted Potions. In total about 60 mins of DEEP GNOME magic.


  • Splatter
  • Yellow
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