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NÄCHTLICH "Howling Depths Rehearsal" CD (lim.200)

NÄCHTLICH "Howling Depths Rehearsal" CD (lim.200)

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Import from EU. Jewel case, limited to 200 copies.

"Terrific recording of a Nächtlich rehearsal, in anticipation of their concert at the Summoning Of The Elder Spirits show in New York, on June 24th, 2022.

Released on home dubbed tapes for that same gig, this rehearsal was done with the full live line-up that composed that seance, playing that same setlist, consisting of tracks off of "Satanas Solum Initium Est", their self-titled album, the "Third Ritual", "Second Ritual of Night Worship" and self-titled EP's.

Even more visceral than regular Nächtlich, fully recorded live in studio and onto tape, as the best of traditions, Nächtlich sounds fuller and more energetic than ever, entrancing their listeners with ritual fumes and stomping, unaplagetic primitivism, calling for the eternal reign of the dark cult. A hysterical praise for 90's maniacs, and preaching for annihilation of scene tourists and revisionists. Those who know, know.

Originaly released on the band's on U.E.'s own imprint, Vinland Corpse."

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