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[SOLD OUT] ŪKCHEĀNSĀLĀWIT "Alaskan Escape" Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] ŪKCHEĀNSĀLĀWIT "Alaskan Escape" Cassette Tape

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Import from Quebec. Pro-Tape limited to 200 copies.

Ukcheansalawit is a native themed project originating from the depths of Québec's forests. "Alaskan Escape" is an ode to winter and the Alaskan region, where nature is still wild and pure. Musically, this EP has a minimalistic touch that is reminiscent of Ildjarn, oscilliating between hypnotic blast beats and contemplative parts. The production and sparse keyboards layered on the melodies corroborates the winter theme perfectly, leaving just enough place for the distant screams amidst the cold soundscape of this cassette. A tribute to fiery spirits. Clear cassette shell with artwork including lyrics. For fans of Ildjarn, Serment (demo) and Ifernach.

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