Formed at the end of 2015, Out of Season is a purveyor of fantasy music, dungeon synth, dark medieval ambient, and black metal. At the time of formation, there was no North American label explicitly specializing in releasing this type of music, and we knew that this void needed to be filled. Now in our 7th(!) year of operation, we have released over 100 unique titles from some of the most well known artists in these genres such as Fief, Thangorodrim, Sequestered Keep, Foglord, Emyn Muil, Shadow Dungeon, Erang, Quest Master, Old Tower, Spectral Wound and many, many more (full discography link below).

Starting out with strictly tape releases for the first few years, this was expanded upon in 2019 with the release of our first CD edition, and then in early 2020 with the release of our first vinyl offerings.

Still going strong into 2022 and beyond, we strive to bring you the absolute best these genres have to offer, while also providing excellent service and communication with our patrons. Thank you for joining us on this journey so far - we hope you will continue to explore many new lands with us in the years to come.