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[SOLD OUT] MAIDEN HAIR "Strands ov Maiden Hair Book 1" double cassette tape (lim.75)

[SOLD OUT] MAIDEN HAIR "Strands ov Maiden Hair Book 1" double cassette tape (lim.75)

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Limited to 75 copies. All four parts of the Strands Ov Maiden Hair spanning two cassettes in a large norelco case. Brought together for these limited edition cassette recordings, the Strands ov Maiden Hair series is set within the borders of Wessex. A cast of characters from all over England's west kingdom, each affected by the ever-shifting, phantom castle: Yonder!

Mudge the Dwarf and his familiar, Huruk-Azer, are tasked with adventure: saving Princess Celestria from the ever-moving, kingless castle of Yonder!
Meanwhile, deep in the forest: Bagley the Troll has woken from his hibernation earlier than usual to find his dear friend Pongwiffy is in possession of an ancient and terrible dagger!

Geervo the Knight finds his path of revenge trail through the PUTRID MARSH! With great danger in his wake, there he meets the RECLUSIVE GOBLIN!
In a tavern, elsewhere: Menwyn the Alchemist tells us of the young farmhand Ceese and his wanderings in a part of the forest he's never seen before...

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