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[SOLD OUT] PAYSAGE D'HIVER "Im Wald" 2xCD Digibook

[SOLD OUT] PAYSAGE D'HIVER "Im Wald" 2xCD Digibook

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Import from Germany. Beautiful digibook double CD edition comes sealed in a black on black paper envelope with 20 page booklet assembled by hand.

The inner case also has actual pine needles housed behind the disc holders!

With 120 minutes playing time, "Im Wald" is not only Paysage D’Hiver's longest effort so far but also another chapter in the tale of winter travel (thus the French name Paysage D'Hiver) that runs through the project’s entire work like the proverbial golden thread. In the context of his highly detailed narrative, Wintherr locates it after "Steineiche" and "Schattengang" (both 1998) which describe the beginning of the travel, and before "Das Tor" (2013), "Kerker" (1999) and "Die Festung" (1998), which are set at the end.

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