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[SOLD OUT] VALE MINSTREL "Garden Of Spells" Cassette Tape (Lim. 100)

[SOLD OUT] VALE MINSTREL "Garden Of Spells" Cassette Tape (Lim. 100)

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Each copy includes a 10×10″ full-color glossy mini poster of the cover art. Limited to 100 copies.

Sophomore album from the exemplary bard Vale Minstrel. The master of modern neoclassical medieval ambient returns to the tape format with the second installment in the Vale Minstrel tetralogy. Garden of Spells finds our hero outside the taverns of the vales, lingering now in bucolic gardens awash with birdsong, plucking his lute under the shade of sassafras trees. Another virtuoso-caliber masterwork of medieval ambient music from Vale Minstrel. Features cover art by the remarkably talented Silvana Massa

It showed a Marvelous Palace. All Red and Yellow and Blue and Green. Reaching delicately into the Sky. All around were Fantastic Gardens. Memory and Destiny drew the Minstrel here. Spells and Enchantments adorn the corners of this strange world. A Brilliant Garden. Suspended in a Stasis of Magical Mystery.

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