Aw yeah! Here's a bit of a status update since it's been a little while.

Click Here for Full Post     Aw yeah! Here's a bit of a status update since it's been a little while.

1) We've been extremely busy behind the scenes packing all your orders from the Labor Day sale, and now everything ordered up through 9/14 has been shipped (excluding pre-orders)! If you're waiting for a reply to an email we will get back to you over the next few days as we get fully caught up.

2) Thank you for your immense response to this batch, it was truly humbling! For anyone wondering, since day 1, any label proceeds after expenses goes right back into funding the next round of releases, your support financially and otherwise is truly what keeps this label going ⚔️

3) All the new releases are still in stock. Sometimes people assume if they didn't get on the site immediately at the very beginning drop time that they gone. We make it a point to print enough copies so stuff doesn't sell out in 3 minutes. We believe If someone isn't online every second and stumbles upon a release a few months later, or just heard a band for the first time and liked it, we want them to still be able to order the record/tape/cd easily and for a regular price (...A truly crazy idea we know 😜)

4) We have a huge clutch of new items that will be added Monday the 19th September that have been gathering dust the last month or so. TAPE fiends especially should check this out! We know the distro tape section has been a bit lacking lately so we've got some very choice titles being added. (death prayer, dungeons deep, grimdor, ritual abuse, soundtracks, Celtic frost, and more)

5) Other than that not much to report 😁

We will be dropping a few more new OoS releases in October (Siege Golem/Warlock corpse, Anadune/Frostgard, Quest Master vinyl repress finally, new hats, etc). Stay tuned and thank you all! ⚔️ . . .
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