Edit: Sold Out... . Official Kommodus collection...

Edit: Sold Out... . Official Kommodus collection compact discs are back in stock now. Two volumes, each with multiple releases included imported from Australia. Personally I am a big fan of these kinds of releases (if you couldn't tell already) as often the vinyl or cassette versions are very difficult to obtain without breaking your finger on the F5 key 😸 These discs provide an easily available option if you still want a physical copy to listen to and/or have been buying CDs since the 90s like some of us haha... The prices haven't changed since then, but the value of the dollar sure has. We have a bunch of similar collection CDs coming in the next few months, stay tuned! ~~🧙‍♂️~~ . . . #kommodus #darkadversaryproductions #blackmetalcds #blackmetal #blackmetalcd #dungeonsynth #outofseason #outofseasonlabel @dark.adversary @kommoduswolf

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