First three cassettes of our SEQUESTERED KEEP "Era 1" reissue series

Go To Post     First three cassettes of our SEQUESTERED KEEP "Era 1" reissue series available NOW! Tuesday 1st of March 3pm EST. 🗡️ 🗡️
Here's some answers to questions we have received. PLEASE READ IN FULL BEFORE CONTACTING US:
1. Subscription for 9xTape box is available worldwide. All orders should be placed through and there are different price options based on your location (US/Can/World). Price includes shipping. 50 SPOTS TOTAL.
2. Subscription includes these first three tapes. (You're welcome to order an additional single copy of each one if you want them too. They're all the same though)
3. Subscribing you'll get 3 tapes every 3 months plus the box + extras at the end of the year too, automatically. One time charge today.
4. There is a bundle of all 3 tapes for this batch (non subscription) and they're also sold separately.
5. These are not in EU store yet. Customs is holding up our packages forever. They will be posted in EU shop in a week or two once they are in hand over in Poland. We're not doing any preorders any more. They suck.
6. If you want to guarantee copies and you're in EU, please order from US store. (Shipping for 3 tapes to EU is only about 10€, not a massive cost.)
Thanks for your support. It's great to finally make these tapes available again for the first time since 2015!


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