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CELESTIAL SWORD ""Dawn of the Crimson Moon"" Cassette Tape
LAMP OF MURMUUR ""Melancholy Howls in Ceremonial Penitence"" Cassette Tape
REVENANT MARQUIS ""Pitiless Black Emphasis"" Cassette Tape
IIRA ""Demo"" Cassette Tape
VETEVRAKH ""Dominion of Terror"" Cassette Tape
BURIER ""V: Cremation of Lingering Hope"" CD
NOCTURNAL DEPARTURE ""Cathartic Black Rituals"" CD (digipak)
AKANTHA / NIMBIFER / SORGELIG / HADJUK ""Ruins of Humanity"" CD (4-way split, digipak)
"SPIDER GOD ""A Foreign Tongue"" CD
SPIDER GOD ""Shadowless Light"" CD
POLTERWYTCH ""5 Curses Of The Polterorgel"" cassette tape
Anteomedroma ""I"" cassette tape
Old Nick - Iam Vampire Castle CD
Old Nick - Witch Of The Northern Vill CD
Old Nick - Curse Of The Lock Master CD
Old Nick - No Solace In Sunlight CD Weeping Coffin - F.B.I CD
POLTERWYTCH ""5 Curses Of The Polterorgel"" CD
Lace Shawl - The Secret Botanist CD
Old Nick & Hex Clock - Split CD
WINTERBLOOD ""Luftschloss"" Double CD (2xCD A5 digipak)
MOON AND AZURE SHADOW ""Age of Darkness and Frost"" CD (A5 digipak) . . .

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