New tapes out now!

Today we unleash three new tapes to this stupid world, each in two color variants:
PUTRID MARSH "Laughing Shadows" - debut full length release by our favorite maniac cellar dweller mutant.
TROGOOL "In the Mists Before the Beginning" - CROM! essential 2015 release on tape for the first time, heavily influenced by Basil Poledouris' CONAN soundtrack.
MORKETSVIND "Age of Lord" - another absolutely essential 2015 release also available on tape for the first time. Extremely good 90s dark dungeon music worship.
Also available: PUTRID MARSH TS/LS (preorder - shipping in about 3 weeks).
Tapes available in EU from Forsaken Relics and in Australia at Overuse Store ⚔️

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