pre-order the long awaited FELVUM 12" and merch

Hello 👋 starting Wednesday March 1 you'll be able to pre-order the long awaited FELVUM 12" and merch ⚔️ (both stores)

Limited 140g color vinyl in high quality jacket. Includes a massive A1 poster (23"x34") for your wall, of the gorgeous cover art by Nayla Darkart. The deluxe color "Bone/Black split in half" version is available here during the pre-order period, as well as the standard "Bone" white version (order 1 of each if you want to). Remastered for vinyl by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound. PLAY LOUD! Expected to ship approximately April 1.
Debut release by a new black metal project from Ukraine made up of Felnone — vocals, lyrics, Wanja Mamykin (Mrtva Vod) — drums, bass, production, and Crying Orc (Këkht Aräkh) — guitars, composing. Previously released on cassette by Out of Season.
"Felvum’s take on Black Metal is quite a simple one, a straight forward approach that sounds not too much unlike Darkthrone at their classic ‘Transylvanian Hunger’ album... It does have a stronger sense of melodicism though, making a comparison to Taake on their, equally fantastic debut album, ‘Nattestid Ser Porten Vid’ also very much in place. The overall sound of this EP, which clocks just under the 15 minute mark, is really authentic as well, making this a very exciting listen. No, not at all original, but on this particular example, when it is done right, it is done right. And that is exactly what ‘Fullmoon Mysticism’ is, a near-perfect example of excellent Nordic Black Metal." -VM Underground
PS: Times are very tough in Ukraine currently, for obvious reasons. Please support the artist at if you would like a digital version of this release ($ name your price).

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