Some Updates: Thanks everyone for...

Some Updates: Thanks everyone for your orders over the last few days. Everything is still in stock and available to order currently. We made more than enough items to go around - these new Fief tapes were the most we've ever done in one pressing (500 of each!) - A fitting way to cap off the 5th year since the label first came to existence back at the end of 2015. (First release was 2-29-16, I wonder what is in store for 2-29-21?) Orders Processing: Have already shipped out a lot of orders yesterday and today! We're Forecasted for 12" snow here in Maine so working to blast through these the next couple days while the snow is falling with Paysage d'Hiver as soundtrack. Speaking of which, we will have a bunch of Pd'H stuff in stock soon, on both vinyl and CD! Regards! 👊📦❄️ www.outofseasonlabel .com /\ www.outofseasonlabel-eu .com

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