"When I listen to this...

"When I listen to this album, I picture a group of gritty adventures in the vein of Conan and other pulpy, dark fantasy stories. They have a quest to do that no one will recognize or know of. The mission is of little importance and they will most likely die at it. But that's just what you gotta do to get by." -Jack Renfree Now in stock. Soy Fan Del Dark 10" gatefold on white vinyl w/CD, limited to only 100, with insert and poster. We were lucky enough to get a few, and each copy is numbered and will be personalized as well. All of the releases by Canto Criptico have a high attention to detail and this one does not disappoint! Originally released in 2016, this demo/album has been discussed and praised by all who stumbled across it on some corner of the internet during the past 5 years. Worth checking out if you're not familiar yet... Listen to with the lights off or a single candle 🕯️ www.outofseasonlabel.com . . . #soyfandeldark #cantocriptico @cantocriptico #dungeonsynthvinyl #dungeonsynth #gatefold #ancientmusic #darkambientmusic #darkambientvinyl #vinyl #vinylcollection #vinyligclub #outofseason #outofseasonlabel

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