QUEST MASTER "Sword & Circuitry" CD w/ slipcase [Lim.300]
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QUEST MASTER "Sword & Circuitry" CD w/ slipcase [Lim.300]

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High quality professionally manufactured factory silver CD. 6 panel fold out booklet in clear jewel case with additional slipcase O-card which fits over the case. Includes download card for Bandcamp. Available in our EU store also. SHIPPING NOW! 

Description by Urge Records: "S&C marks a significant departure from Lord Gordith's seminal back catalogue of RPG and classic video game inspired dungeon synth, which still remain some of the best records in their class. Unlike these records however, S&C is a gloriously lush and immensely ethereal affair, diving deep into 80's synthesizer music. These songs possess a magick that will surely grip you with soaring synths and captivating melodies...."

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