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LORD BAKARTIA / CRIPTADEL / KHÜLL "Before The Fire Fades" Cassette Tape (lim.100)

LORD BAKARTIA / CRIPTADEL / KHÜLL "Before The Fire Fades" Cassette Tape (lim.100)

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Import from Denmark. 

Dark and mighty dungeon synth split featuring three seasoned adventurers: Lord Bakartia, the wizard from Basque Country, who conjures deep dark dungeon music of the highest caliber. Criptadel, the Argentinian commander of the orcish hordes, delivering powerful martial dungeon synth with a sorrowful tinge in line with the 'Brutal Imperium' album released on Gondolin Records in 2023. Khüll, the fearless Spanish warrior whose heroic deeds can only be conveyed with the most epic barbarian dungeon synth to ever come out from the Iberian peninsula.

The three artists are representatives of the Mazmorra Arcana circle, and decided to make this split as a tribute to Hidetaka Miyazaki and the Dark Souls universe. This split comes after all of them have had several prolific releases on various scene labels in the last five years, and features material exclusive to this split. The cover illustration was made by Silvana Massa Art for this release.

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