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[SOLD OUT] MORS VITAQUE "Another Path" Cassette Tape (lim.40)

[SOLD OUT] MORS VITAQUE "Another Path" Cassette Tape (lim.40)

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Debut demo from this new group based in Chicago. Home-duplicated and hand-stamped cassette with pro-printed J-card in Norelco case. Limited to 40 copies.

An offering to the altar of life and death, Alkilith and Nightshade join forces in Mors Vitaque's "Another Path": an album that conceptually deals with existence's cyclical nature. We are born, we die, and we are born again as these two dungeon synth artists explore the dynamics of the life cycle. Brought forth by the minds behind Alkilith, Hyacinth, Amaranth, Shelter, and Nightshade, who are also the founders of the Great Lakes Dungeon Synth circle, Mors Vitaque's beauty and misery is both a celebration of life and the mourning of what follows.

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