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4 panel CD digipak. Never before released demo from 1994
Original recording done at Gamlebanken, Akkerhaugen, 1994. Additional recordings done at Nidhogg Studios, Drangedal, 2014. Photos taken at Mølen, Norway.

"Nidhogg does not "combine" punk with black metal, he uses the laws of punk to create black metal...

"'Nidhogg' is a never before released demo, recorded back in 1994... "Nidhogg" is a very atmospheric and dark work. It's black metal. The soullessness and coldness of the stones that are captured on the cover, accompany you throughout the whole release, you can almost feel them. The stones sing their cold song, Nidhogg hears it and translates it into our human language. " - Colonel Para Bellum, 

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