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[SOLD OUT] NOCTURNES MIST "Marquis of Hell" Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] NOCTURNES MIST "Marquis of Hell" Cassette Tape

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"Birthed into blasphemic existence in the heady days of 1997, Nocturnes Mist have only gone from strength to indomitable strength. Now, with their absolutely killer new album through Seance Records, the Australian demons have placed themselves firmly in the remarkable position of being over two decades into their career and putting out some of the finest work they’ve ever done. For said album sees the impious pioneers wield a weapon whose blade has been honed further with every countless battle against the hordes of heaven... Nocturnes Mist always utilise old-school songwriting variety, a strength that works very well in their favour... Total energy, total war." - Black Metal Daily

Seance Records, import from Australia. Deluxe cassette edition on fully pro tape, transparent yellow shell with full 2 color on body print. Limited to only 50 copies.

Personal note: Without a doubt this is one of the most impressive looking cassette tapes I've ever seen in person. The on-shell printing is absolutely wild!

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