SIVYJ YAR "Burial Shrouds" Vinyl LP (lim. 100) [Сивый Яр]
SIVYJ YAR "Burial Shrouds" Vinyl LP (lim. 100) [Сивый Яр]
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SIVYJ YAR "Burial Shrouds" Vinyl LP (lim. 100) [Сивый Яр]

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Import from Italy. Full color jacket with printed insert. Ultra limited black vinyl, only 100 copies made! 

"Melodic and atmospheric black metal from Russia with several folk influences and really interesting arranged in matter of songwriting is SIVYJ YAR's business. It is a pleasure to listen to the albums and they do not become boring as they find the right balance between complexity and catchiness!" H.L., bandcamp review

"One of the best atmo-black albums you can buy. The aggression is haunting and the melodic parts harrowing. It also tells an engrossing story, all within an effective and direct 40 minutes." El_Cuervo, bandcamp review

"This is a truly wonderful album. Very emotional, and athmospheric. I have been listening to this album non-stop for months now. I definitely recommend this if you are into athmospheric black metal." Chris Oliver, bandcamp review 

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