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[SOLD OUT] VASSAFOR "Malediction" Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] VASSAFOR "Malediction" Cassette Tape

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VASSAFOR should need no introduction. For the past decade and a half, this New Zealand cult have patiently plied their idiosyncratic craft, pushing the boundaries of black and death metal ever further whilst driving deep into each's collective core... Here, VASSAFOR strip bare their most barbaric tendencies, down to their most unapologetic form, and build anew a temple of unimaginable might. The maw of chaos opens ever wide, beckoning the listener to submit and be devoured; meanwhile, tendrils of tension untether in a manner most ambient. If any of VASSAFOR's earlier work achieved a sense of vertigo - and it surely has - then Malediction is the band's most potent distillation/distortion of such yet. Across a time-evaporating/halting 50 minutes, each of the five tracks comprising Malediction work as mantra and spell simultaneously. Doom(ier) elements are largely traded for utter violence and virulence, which somehow makes the end result all the more stultifying and psychedelic in equal measure. Black Metal of Death: Southern Vassaforian HELL.

"Malediction lacks none of the previous album’s ferocity while in some ways upping the level of intensity, with far fewer moments of relief from the relentless assault. This is war metal (that is, a certain style of black and death metal) in the tradition of bands like Diocletian, Altarage, Mitochondrion, Antediluvian, and Teitanblood, but less weird than Mitochondrion and less pummelling than Teitanblood, and with a generally more epic sound than any of these great bands. This is a great album to listen to as you descend into Hell." - Ippocalyptica

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