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[SOLD OUT] YSENGRIN "Initiatio" Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] YSENGRIN "Initiatio" Cassette Tape

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Pro-Tape Limited to 100 copies on smoked shell tape, J-card and an insert with lyrics.

Hailing from France, YSENGRIN celebrate 15 years of underground activity by releasing their final dark metal opus on the long distance, “Initiatio”... Graced by an evocative cover painting by the always excellent Luciana Nedelea, “Initiatio” is a danse macabre of ancient metal for the most daring and brave, an alchemical opus of primeval sounds and inner vibrations that immortalizes underground metal at its darkest peaks. 

“Initiatio” was expertly mastered on analog gear to capture the sonic primitiveness, raw power and quintessence of the metal genre from its early and glorious days: the days of tape trading, obscure demos and rehearsal recordings; the days of NECROMANTIA, MORTUARY DRAPE, ROTTING CHRIST and all those bands from the early 90s that changed the face of black metal forever.

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