Back to the beginning of the quest

FINALLY...JAN 4 2023... We go back to the beginning of the quest to Mount Doom, the reissue of 2016's "Dagor Bragalloch" by THANGORODRIM! Honestly this is some of my favorite material from the project. It was previously included on the "Prologue" collection but never reissued before in it's original form. Vinyl 3mm jacket with UV spot gloss printing and inside flood print. 
Available on vinyl (300 orange, 200 black- of which 200 color are issued in the "Prologue" 4xLP set) and tape (100 red, 200 black - of which all 100 red are issued in the "Prologue" 4xTape set).
Releases Wed January 4 2023 at 2pm EST (20:00 CET). Vinyl and tape (US):
Vinyl (EU): our EU store (PL) + Northern Silence (DE), Phantom Lure (BE)
Tape (EU): Forsaken Relics (DK).

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