QUEST MASTER new release info

Alright, it has been a big week for us already but here's one more announcement. The new QUEST MASTER tape/CD releases tomorrow, Friday march 17, 2pm EST! There are three tape variants (gold/50, silver/50, sunset/200 - each with their own color scheme/cover art) plus a Jewel case CD with added slipcase/300 - plus a limited reprint of the "Sword & Circuitry" Ts. There is a vinyl version too, available via Urge Records! -

Description by @urgerecords "'S&C' marks a significant departure from Lord Gordith's seminal back catalogue of RPG and classic video game inspired dungeon synth, which still remain some of the best records in their class. Unlike these records however, 'S&C' is a gloriously lush and immensely ethereal affair, diving deep into 80's synthesizer music. These songs possess a magick that will surely grip you with soaring synths and captivating melodies..."
EU fans: The CD will be available on our EU shop simultaneously. Tapes will be available next month in April via Forsaken Relics. AUS/NZ fans: artist copies will be available in April via @lordgordith directly. Cheers 

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