Thangorodrim reissue cassettes out now!

OUT NOW ⚔️ THANGORODRIM Tape reissues! 
"The Darkening of Valinor" ('unreleased' 2015 demo)
"Dagor Bragalloch" (1st 2016 demo)
"Towers of the Teeth" (2016)
"Akallabeth" (2016) 
Each is also available on vinyl! 
All the info! Each tape was pressed in a quantity of 300 (100 red 200 black) and is housed in a gold/clear case with 4 panel j-card and gold ink imprint on both sides of the shell. Each tape is limited to 2 per person. (The 100 red shells are bundled in a 4x Cassette 'Prologue' set - sold out)
All audio was incredibly remastered by Dan Randall @_mammothsound_ (former Foley mixer at Skywalker Sound)
There is also a "Towers of the Teeth" TS/LS available as well! 
Northern Silence Productions (DE - VINYL ONLY)
Phantom Lure (BE - VINYL ONLY)

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