[SOLD OUT] AZAG by L.F. OSR [RPG Bundle - 2xBooks, 1xCassette Tape, 4xCharacter Cards]

[SOLD OUT] AZAG by L.F. OSR [RPG Bundle - 2xBooks, 1xCassette Tape, 4xCharacter Cards]

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Part psychedelic roleplaying game, part instrumental music album by the Dank Dungeons team! This bundle Includes the following:  AZAG Volume 1, AZAG Volume 2, the official AZAG soundtrack cassette, and 4x character sheets.

Full color printing on heavy textured, archival grade felt stock using professional high pigment inks. 5.5″ x 7.25″ saddle stitched zine format - 75+ pages total (both volumes combined), Developed by the Dank Dungeons team

Limited to 100 handcrafted copies (included cassette is hand numbered)

For more info see: https://lfosr.com/product/azag/

Treat with strange entities, battle against weird magics, and explore the world of mystery and wonder of AZAG! This psychedelic roleplaying game and world, developed by Dank Dungeons and inspired by games such as Fighting Fantasy, features a plethora of imaginative text, striking illustrations, and evocative table generators to help bring this unique world into existence in front of your eyes. This special print run of AZAG is broken up into two volumes for ease of use and includes a tape cassette featuring the official, full length instrumental AZAG soundtrack by Loot The Body.

Volume 1: The Rules includes 30 pages of rules broken down into basic concepts, complex concepts, and optional tools for running the game. Also features sections on character creation / advancement, abilities, talents, spells, and descriptions of their uses. Mundane objects, magic items, monster lore / statistics also included.

Volume 2: The World includes nearly 50 pages of additional lore and insight into the world of AZAG. Features 7 short fictional pieces (some even composed by guest contributors such as Diogo Nogueira of Oldskull Publishing), as well as entire sections focusing on people, motivations, plot hooks, and in-depth descriptions of over 25 unique locations (plus encounters!).