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[SOLD OUT] BLIND GUARDIAN "Follow the Blind" 2xCD (double CD digipak)

[SOLD OUT] BLIND GUARDIAN "Follow the Blind" 2xCD (double CD digipak)

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Import from EU. Digipak with 2 discs. CD1: Remixed in 2007 with minor adjustments in 2011, remastered in 2011. CD2: Contains original masters.

Remastered re-release of the second full-length studio album by legendary German Epic Speed/Power Metal band.
In comparison to their compatriots, their sophomore release can be considered underrated compared to the rest of their discography. Granted, it is still an important album in the early formative years of Power Metal. On "Battalions Of Fear" they had a raw proto-Power Metal sound, taking the template from bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden and simply playing it faster. They took this Speed Metal sound and amplified it further on "Follow The Blind", playing furious tempo songs interspersed with the occasional Folky keyboard. The Speed Metal here is almost Thrash Metal-like, minus the aggression. According to guitarist Marcus Siepen, "When we were doing "Follow The Blind", we were listening to a lot of Thrash Metal bands like Testament or Forbidden, and that's why "Follow The Blind" was a bit heavier".
"Follow The Blind" shows Power Metal in its early hybrid stages. There is a lot of youthful vitality and energy here, which helps to balance out their relative inexperience. It is clear that this early in their career they have not reached their songwriting or lyrical capacity, but they still offer over 38 minutes of pure fun Speedy mayhem!


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