[SOLD OUT] CONIFÈRE "Noblesse d'Épée" CD (Lim. 50)
[SOLD OUT] CONIFÈRE "Noblesse d'Épée" CD (Lim. 50)
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[SOLD OUT] CONIFÈRE "Noblesse d'Épée" CD (Lim. 50)

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Import from Quebec. Pro duplicated CD-R. Jewel case w/ booklet. Limited to 50.

This album made big waves in the Quebec scene when it was released in 2020. Ultra raw Quebec black metal, all bordered by two long dungeon synth tracks. We are far from the usual short intros/outros. The music is composed and performed by Nakkabre, the vocals by Cauchemar and the drums by Garoth. Names not to be lost sight of because "Noblesse D'Épée" is already considered by the region as a modern classic of Quebec black metal.

The time has come,
From the return of balance,
Dethroning monarchs...