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GOBLIN "Suspiria" OST vinyl LP (gatefold, color)

GOBLIN "Suspiria" OST vinyl LP (gatefold, color)

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  • Pressed on blue and white splatter

In co-operation with AMS, Cinevox & Light In The Attic, Death Waltz Recording Company is thrilled to be bringing you our own version of the classic Goblin score to Suspiria, with all new artwork by Randy Ortiz. Pressed on blue and white splatter.

This score is an absolute tour de force. It’s arguably one of the most outstanding horror scores ever recorded. It’s ferocious, full of wailing, screaming, and guttural noises. Incredibly intense yet still retaining a musicality that Italian cinema excelled at in the 1970s. Dario Argento and Goblin were a match made in heaven, and I’m not sure anyone has created such a nightmarish mix of visuals and sounds in the history of cinema. In addition, the artwork by Randy Otiz is one of the best interpretations of this film I have ever seen! A Masterpiece in every way.

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