[SOLD OUT] IASOS "Angelic Music" Vinyl LP
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[SOLD OUT] IASOS "Angelic Music" Vinyl LP

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Import from EU.  Black vinyl.

In 1978 Iasos has returned with a new album consist of 2 long peaceful compositions “The Angels of Comfort “ and “Angel Play”. These pieces are extremely soothing, heavenly, loving, and peaceful, and capture the energies of love – on a galactic scale. It functions as a universal healing comforting presence.

When Iasos first released this album, it immediately became an underground classic, due to its universal appeal. It was the one of first albums that created a new music genre now known as ""New Age"" music. A study by the psychology department at Plymouth State College had this album receive the highest rating, by quite a margin, for being the most ""heavenly music"" heard by people who had had a near-death experience.