[SOLD OUT] MITTWINTER "Vinterdrøm" Cassette Tape w/ DVD (Lim. 100)
Ancient Meadow

[SOLD OUT] MITTWINTER "Vinterdrøm" Cassette Tape w/ DVD (Lim. 100)

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Pro-cassette tape with DVD in cardstock sleeve, Limited to 100 copies. 

The cassette features the full album audio and the DVD contains the original video and audio for Inverno Sogno, as well. Note: This is a pro-DVDr.

Every now and then, a piece of old school dungeon synth proves to be truly resistant to the wear of time, and instead develops an elegant patina as it ages. The sole full-length work of Mittwinter, Vinterdrøm (2000), is easily one of these works.

Twenty-plus years ago, Vinterdrøm was an impressive leap toward greatness by an independent artist on an underground record label, featuring the now-famous 22-minute opus “Inverno Sogno” accompanied by a semi-professionally shot video. Originally released as a multimedia compact disc containing the video and the album audio, Ancient Meadow Records brings this ambitious and epic work of dark dungeon music to a new generation of fans in a combination package of DVD and cassette.