September 4 2020

4 new tapes coming Sunday Sept 6 @ 12:00 EST:

  • MOURNFUL MOON "As Shadows Fall Over Zenithean" MC, Lim. 150
  • MEDHELAN "Fall of the Horned Serpent" MC, Lim. 200
  • SKARPSEIAN "Den første Gnister i Mørket" MC, Lim. 200
  • + THANGORODRIM MC restocks
  • + tons of new distro items and more!!
  • All new tape releases available on both our US and EU stores simultaneously: https://www.outofseasonlabel.com & http://www.outofseasonlabel-eu.com


August 24 2020 - NEW DISTRO ARRIVALS - AUGUST 2020 - https://www.outofseasonlabel.com

KUKA'ILIMOKU "S/T II" Pro-Tape $9.00
CERNUNNOS WOODS "Forest Anthology" Pro-Tape $9.00
TORCHLIGHT "Haunting Dreams for the Dying King" Pro-Tape $9.00
KHAND "The Sage of Witherthorn" Pro-Tape $8.50
VALOR "La Lune Noire" Pro-Tape $9.00
GOLDEN FLEECE "The Journey to Colchis" Pro-Tape $8.50

BASMU "VVITCHBLOOD" CD $13.00 [import]
MÚSPELLZHEIMR "Hyldest Til Trolddommens Flamme/Demo Compilation" 2xCD $14.00 [import]
RUNESCAPE "Original Soundtrack Classics" 2xCD $20.00 [import]
RUNESCAPE "The Orchestral Collection" 2xCD $18.00 [import]
FINAL SYMPHONY "Music from Final Fantasy VI, VII and X" 2xCD $18.00 [import]
BATTLE DAGORATH "Abyss Horizons" CD $13.00 [import]
SAOR "Forgotten Paths" CD $13.00 [import]
NORTT "Graven" CD $13.00 [import]
NORTT "Ligfaerd" CD $13.00 [import]
NORTT "Gudsforladt" CD $13.00 [import]
SIVYJ YAR "Grief" CD [Сивый Яр "Горе"] $13.00 [import]
SEQUESTERED KEEP "The Vale of Ruined Towers" CD $12.00
CATACOMBS ENSHADOWED "Curse of Dark Centuries" CD $12.00
UR PALE "Water Tombs / Sea Synth Ensemble" CD $12.00
UR PALE "Crystal Waves Orchestra" CD $12.00
VALOR "La Lune Noire" CD $12.00
TORCHLIGHT "Haunting Dreams for the Dying King" CD $12.00
MORTUM "Atlantean Ouroboros" CD $10.00
CHAUCERIAN MYTH "The Epic of Beileag" 3xCD (Lim. 100 w/ patch) $24.00


July 28 2020 - Fief & Gargoylium vinyl release information and distro update

Coming Sunday August 2 at 12:00 EST...

FIEF "V" LP - black vinyl /200
FIEF "V" LP - deluxe edition color vinyl /100 (translucent salmon - with 12" art print suitable for framing and woven patch)

GARGOYLIUM "Mon Royaume" LP - black vinyl /200
GARGOYLIUM "Mon Royaume" LP - deluxe edition color vinyl /100 (translucent royal blue with 12" art print suitable for framing and woven patch)

Both albums:

  • Newly remastered at Mammoth Sound for maximum auditory experience.
  • 140g vinyl
  • High quality full color jacket + black inner sleeve, polybag
  • Limited number of bundles will be available (black vinyl bundle, color vinyl bundle)

Many new items have been added to the distro since last update. Click here to see all the new additions.


June 27 2020 - Next Releases and distro update

Pre-Order starts Sunday June 28th at 12 Noon EST. https://www.outofseasonlabel.com

MORKETSVIND "The Journey" CD / Tape (/300, /150)
HILLSFAR "Jewel of the Moonsea" Tape (/200)
QUEST MASTER "Lost Songs of Distant Realms - Complete Collection" (2nd edition) - 2xTape / 2xCD (/250, /300)
+ distro update with tons of new/restock CDs (Warmoon Lord, Summoning tribute 3xCD, Old Sorcery, more!) - plus copies of the sold out Utred tape released by Gondolin Records!

Q: Is there a bundle deal?
A: Yes there will be 40 bundles of tapes available if you want to order all together - as a bonus for those early supporters, the bundles come with a free Hillsfar woven patch!

Q: When will items ship?
A: Items may take up to 3 weeks to ship but hopefully it will be sooner than that.
1: We now offer UPS and DHL options at checkout worldwide for more options!
2: UPS, DHL and Priority Mail include insurance - if you want purchase protection you must pick one of these options.

Q: Will these be in your EU store?
A: Quest Master CD and Morketsvind CD will be available to order there. Hillsfar CD is also available there still. The tapes will not be available there at the same time, but will be added later once I can ensure they are actually 'in hand' at their destination (not as a pre-order).
Reasoning for this is that the Thangorodrim tapes I sent to my EU store for fulfillment in April are still "in transit"! Its been quite frustrating situation out of my control leaving customers waiting for months, and I do not want to have it happen again!

Q: How long does the pre-order run?
A: We will continue taking orders until we run out of stock. We expect all items to arrive to our HQ in the next 2-3 weeks.

Pre-Order starts Sunday June 28th at 12 Noon EST.


June 11 2020 - Distro update and UPS shipping now available worldwide!

1) Added the following to the distro:
BEKËTH NEXËHMÜ "De Fördolda Klangorna" 2xCD
MÚSPELLZHEIMR "Hyldest Til Trolddommens Flamme/Demo Compilation" 2xCD
EVILFEAST "Funeral Sorcery" CD

and restocked these:
FORGOTTEN KINGDOMS "Blue Moon Gate Between Worlds" CD
MOON LABYRINTH "Lair of the Witch"CD
DARKNESS ENSHROUD "Maleficium - The Psalms of Diabolus" CD

2) All Fief vinyl pre-orders have now shipped, and all orders from EU store that were waiting to ship due to the Prologue 2xTape delay should this week as well!

3) UPS shipping is now available for selection at checkout for all countries! These rates are cheaper than the USPS to Canada and Europe if you are ordering a lot of items! We also offer the DHL Express service option too, which is especially good for those in Germany :) You'll see all the various options when you go to checkout!

4) UPS/DHL/Priority Mail include $100 insurance. If you want protection in case your package is lost/damaged in transit, you'll need to pay a little bit extra and select UPS/DHL/Priority so we can be covered on ends sides financially with ease. 

If you pick Media Mail or 1st Class Mail, these services do NOT come with insurance and we cannot offer any money back, refunds, returns or credits if you choose one of these cheaper options and there is loss or damage to a package in transit.

This policy is in place to protect both the buyer and seller if there is a problem, and it will ensure your package arrives faster, with less handling, and less chance of damage along the way. Thanks for your understanding and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


June 2 2020 - Few small updates

1) Fief vinyl orders have started shipping!

2) UPS delivery has been added as an option to checkout for all regions. This will offer much faster delivery than the Postal Service is currently offering!


May 22 2020 - Away for a week

We will be away from 5/23 to 5/31 to take some much needed time off, and will not be shipping any orders until June 1.

You can still place orders but they will not be fulfilled until June 1.

Please expect a delay in response time as well if you send an email.

All orders placed through May 22 at 10AM EST will ship before the break. Any placed after that will not ship until June 1.

Thanks for your support!!!


May 17 2020 - Tape Re-pressings Now Available

BARAK TOR "March of the Triumphator" Pro-Tape
BARAK TOR "Regal Hymns of Blood" Pro-Tape
CAORANACH "Dòigh Nàdair" Pro-Tape
DWALIN "The Red Book" Pro-Tape
EMYN MUIL "Elenion Ancalima" Pro-Tape
FROSTVEIL "Antediluvian Majesty" Pro-Tape
SEQUESTERED KEEP "The Vale of Ruined Towers" Pro-Tape

All are limited to 100 and on new color shells for this printing.
Sound samples and more information is available on each individual product page.


May 14 2020 - Latest Fief vinyl and shipping time updates

1. Fief vinyl jackets should be shipped to me in the next few days. I expect to send out all orders containing Fief vinyl to start shipping next week I hope.

2. Current transit times for MEDIA MAIL and all INTERNATIONAL MAIL are experiencing big delays in transit. They will arrive, but delivery times are taking much longer than usual. As well, everything is sent with tracking numbers, but they seem to not be scanning the packages as often or at all, until they are ready for delivery, so less information is available as well. If you want much faster delivery, it is strongly suggested to select PRIORITY MAIL or UPS/DHL at checkout. These services also include insurance by default.


May 6 2020 - Fief vinyl updates

Fief vinyl is delayed as our LP jacket printer is suffering from closures related to covid19. The vinyl itself is here, so once the jackets arrive we will ship them as soon as possible. Ideal shipment time will be mid-May but will update again once we have more info. Thanks for your patience! 

All other releases are now in stock and shipping. See previous updates for more specific info regarding C19.


May 1 2020 - New arrivals and restock titles

NEDSMMXX Releases Now Available
FOGLORD 'New Realms... NEDSMMXX' Pro-Tape + Patch (Lim. 50)
FIEF "Knight" Longsleeve
FIEF "Knight" T-Shirt
FOGLORD "New Realms..." Longsleeve
FOGLORD "New Realms..." T-Shirt
FOGLORD Logo Patch
THANGORODRIM "Taur Nu Fuin" Patch
OUT OF SEASON "Chrome / Black Logo" Sticker (set of 2)

Other New Items Now Available and Shipping
A COVENANT COLLABORATION "Of Four Exhumations" split Pro-Tape (import)
BLOOD OUROBORUS "Obfuscation of Hideous Ego" Pro-Tape w/ badge
DRENGLYNDR "Blade and Honour" Pro-Tape (import)
ELADOR "By the Pathways of Forgotten Legends" CD (import)
ELFFOR "Dra Sad I+II" 2xCD (import)
ELFFOR "Gloomy Roots of Doom" 2xCD (import)
ICE AGES "Strike the Ground" CD (import)
OLD SPELLS "Blind Dragons" tape (lim. 15)


March 28 2020 - C19 Update

I have had a few people ask so figured I would post an FAQ regarding current world events:
1) As long as the postal service is operating, we will continue to accept and ship orders, but they might take longer to arrive. If you're in a country or state/city with extenuating circumstances currently, maybe consider waiting a few weeks to order. If your pre-order is outstanding still and you want shipment delayed until May/June, that is no problem and we can hold packages until the situation is cleared up a bit if you would prefer.

2) If you lost a job or are having $ worries currently, I am accepting refund requests on all pre-orders no questions asked, just send an email.

3) Some of our manufacturers are experiencing delays due to the covid19 pandemic. All vinyl test pressings have been approved, but shipment from the factories will likely be delayed by a few weeks as global shipping is impacted greatly. Current hope is to have vinyl sent out at end of April. Orders with just CD and Tape will ship sooner than this.

4) We are following CDC orders where our items are shipped from and there are no current warnings from the USPS re: covid19 and sending/receiving items via mail. That said, it is your responsibility to determine if you wish to have items sent to your house from the outside world and you accept any risks that may be associated with that.

Thanks and take care out there.