DARZUM THUUL "Music for Dark Sorcery" Pro-Tape
Forever Plagued Records

DARZUM THUUL "Music for Dark Sorcery" Pro-Tape

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Reissue of a completely obscure entity hailing from Prince Edward Island, Canada that was active in the late 90s-early 00s.

"Under the influence of darkness & psychedelic drugs comes the sorcery ambient works of Darzum Thuul - also the main entity behind Vyrolakos - a rather simple yet expanding Dark Ambient influenced by sorcery & obscurity. Originally recorded in the late 90s, now for the first time is officially presented on a limited tape release by Forever Plagued Records."

Issued on 'smoke' cassettes, inside hand-numbered B&W j-cards.
Limited to 150 copies. Program repeats on both sides.