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[SOLD OUT] CULT OF THAUMIEL "Palaces of Iniquity" Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] CULT OF THAUMIEL "Palaces of Iniquity" Cassette Tape

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The mysterious circle of Cultus Caliginous has arrived in the temporal realm with blunt force, spewing its malefic Satanic paeans to an unsuspecting public with neither concern nor remorse. Affiliated entity CULT OF THAUMIEL establishes its mission on the Nuclear War Now! Productions release of PALACES OF INIQUITY. An openly Satanic endeavor, this EP manifests ritual magickal practices according to the occult tenets of Cultus Caliginous, with paralyzing results for any enlightened listener. Conjured by the Hierophant of the Void, CULT OF THAUMIEL incorporates the presence of fellow satanists Eldrinacht, Cromunis Sanguinis Orto, and Akhtya Nachttote. Of note, Akhtya Nachttote utilized Michael Ford of BLACK FUNERAL as its host, adding an informed and rightfully revered voice of the traditions of both true black metal and true Satanic worship. This EP holds up to the high standards that can be expected from such a lineage, melding precise compositional evil with an unspeakable atmosphere that can only be achieved through the art of raw black metal. Dripping with black tar and blood, PALACES OF INIQUITY is required reading for those who truly follow the arts of the left hand path.

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