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[SOLD OUT] DRACONIC REGICIDE "Kingslayer" Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] DRACONIC REGICIDE "Kingslayer" Cassette Tape

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Limited to 100. 1 copy per person only.

 Building an atmosphere based on an oppressed people and, subsequently, their liberation from a tyrant king, this is a brooding ambient epic in two parts. Draconic Regicide takes the time to build a mood, in a deeply meditative way, that ultimately results in catharsis for its listeners. Utilizing reverb laden synths, heavy drum textures with martial-like passages, subterranean rumbles, and throat singing, the music drips with atmosphere here. Following a story written by the artist, this album is highly narrative driven, atmospheric, emotional, and epic. We are proud to present it here, this autumn, for these colder days require reading a good story and listening to good tapes. This tape will feature the story, in full, to follow along as you are taken on a journey of purely epic dragon ambience.

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