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DRAGON SPELL "Mountain Rehearsal 6/16/22" cassette tape (lim.100) [Coniferous Myst]

DRAGON SPELL "Mountain Rehearsal 6/16/22" cassette tape (lim.100) [Coniferous Myst]

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Rehearsal demo from one of the most prolific and recognizable hordes in modern dungeon synth. Dragon Spell is one of many projects belonging to "Myst", who needs no further introduction. Their distinct and laudable dedication to making dungeon synth the old-fashioned way truly sets them apart from the crowd. This is an AMR edition of the Dragon Spell tape, limited to 100 copies, with inserts printed and folded by Myst and sent to AMR HQ. Pro-tapes duplicated in Canada.

Recorded in a single take with no post processing. One track recorded right after the next with every single mistake and background sound left in for the authenticity. Recorded directly to a tape recorder during the quiet hours of June 16th 2022. All Music: Myst  

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